Inquiry for the eye patch making machine

Alexey, TERA, Moscow
6 Aug 2019
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Dear Sir/Ms,

My name is Alexey, Im from Russian company TERA. 

We are the reputable distributor of chemical raw materials for the cosmetics and personal care industry. We are also providing formulating and technology supply service to customers

Recently lots of our customers shown interest to the eye hydrogel cosmetics patch manufacturing technology and machine.

Most of our principals are from Korea, and patches became quite famous because of Korean manufacturers. Through internet browse and my Korean friends support, I have found that you are making machines to produce hydrogel eye patches. 

I would like to establish a business relationship with you, in order to develop the possibility to cooperate. 

Could you kindly let me know more details about your machines? 

We are currently looking two type solutions - to produce hydrogel eye patches in blisters and hydrogel eye patches in jars. Ive checked your website roughly and as far as I could understand - your technology is in coating non-woven material with hydrogel, right? Do you have a stage of cutting and how are patches are then packed into the jars? 

Do you suggest a machine, which may form the patches without non-woven, only from the melted hydrogel? 

I look forward your soonest reply. My contacts are below and Im available through all the messangers - wechat, whatsapp, kakao talk. 

Best regards,

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